About Us


Quinn and Danny here, founders of Puffer Cases.

Puffer Cases came to life on a sunny day in July 2018. We were hangin' by the pool - beer and Juul in hand - chilling and enjoying our summer. Quinn got a case of the butterfingers and came inches away from ending his Juul's life. Vowing to never let such tragedy happen to us or anyone else, we decided to create the world's first waterproof Juul case - the Puffer Case!

Made from durable rubber with a watertight seal, the Puffer Case can handle any situation you throw at it - even the #1 killer of Juul's: the washing machine. Not only will it keep your Juul dry, you'll never have to worry about lint or dirt getting stuck in your pod or charging port!

We're confident you'll be happy with our product and promise to ensure the best customer experience. Feel free to contact us at anytime.

Adventure on!

- Quinn & Danny